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Web Design/Redesign Services

Virtual spaces are the new “stores” of any business and hence it has become inevitable for a business to begin, survive or grow without a website. That's when the expert services of web designing offered by GEM comes to limelight. We have the most assorted range of web designing on the platter for every business type and size.
A website serves not only as an online store where the clients can choose their products, but, it also serves as a major ground for all your promotion, marketing and branding activities. The conventional forms of marketing have become obsolete in the era of technological advancement and hence, not having a website does as good as not exist.
Virtual presence of an organization makes an enormous impact on the way it is perceived by customers. It also helps build trust in client relationships since it is easier for a customer to know about your business and get reviews online. Clicks are considered to be footfalls in an online marketplace and, the importance of footfalls doesn’t need an explanation.
Facebook tops the list of social media marketing sites. It is important to have a fan page on FB to ensure that your current and potential clients get to interact with you, know of updations and also stay connected by whatever means. Facebook fan pages designed by us build online presence for businesses, ensuring they never lose out on competition by any means.

Designing Services

  • Static Websites: The committed team of web designers at GEM is profound in making static websites which are cost-effective to develop & host and are also easy & quick to navigate & make. These websites works wonders for business units which don’t plan to change much and frequently.
  • Dynamic Websites: These websites are mainly for the businesses which need a lot of real-time updating. Dynamic websites are much more functional and so, easier to update. Also, the continuous updating ensures redirecting the traffic to site and help search engines whilst allowing its users to collaborate.
  • Shopping Cart

  • Shopping Cart Websites: In recent times, the number of online shopping stores has grown by leap and bounds. It has in fact become of vital importance for many verticals to have an online shopping site.

  • We offer all sort of shopping cart website designing at affordable prices, inclusive of maintenance!
  • Blog Creation

  • A blog can also be termed as an online journal. It has become quintessential for professionals to maintain blogs in order to give themselves a competitive edge over competitors. It might seem to be a simple task

  • Blog developing and maintaining is of prime importance when it comes to selling services of an individual. Just making a blog isn’t enough, it must have the capability to attract viewers to it and also to hold them there for a while. GEM can provide just the right sort of designing to make your task a little easier.

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