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Bad Link Removal Services

Ditch Bad Links & Avoid Google Penalty, Let Us Help You

Thorough Analysis Of BAD Links

All the backlinks of a website are evaluated at the very beginning with various parameters in order to ascertain the ones which might certainly turn out to be the hazardous ones and must be immediately taken down from the website. The most hostile ones are brought to a client’s notice with adequate information to allow them to understand what makes a particular link detrimental as also the process of its removal.
The thorough analysis of these bad links is as important as its removal since, if one fails to analyze correctly, the bad ones might remain on board while the helpful ones get eliminated which in turn would harm the site.

Bad Link Removal

After the problem is clearly detected, it needs to be fixed. Our team of experts gets in touch with webmasters and guides them on effective removal process. This mentoring not only gives one time solution but it also makes these webmasters capable enough to detect the bad links in future and act immediately on similar issues.
Automated processes are monotonous and hence do not recognize newer threats. So, in order to be completely free of bad links, manual outreach is essential, don’t settle for less than the requirement of your site.


  • Following successful removal of bad links in collaboration with webmasters, the expert team at GEM will work on generating and sending you a detailed final report which shall outline the entire campaign of the bad link removal.
  • These reports are similar to the ones that thousands of website owners have used in order to recover their Google rankings. Hence, you can imagine what sort of wonders a customized report can do for your website.
  • Recapture Rankings

  • As soon as the bad links are detected and removed, improvements can be seen in the performance of website. Clearing up the backlinks, besides regaining rankings, gives the site a possibility of boosting traffic by using low-frequency queries.

  • The end in goal while we remove the bad links, is to recapture the loss of rankings and traffic for your business website and within a couple of weeks after the removal of bad links, you’ll be able to see tremendous positive growth in the positions of your website while they strive to regain their rankings.
  • Prevent Penalties

  • Moreover, apart from improving the rankings and traffic on your website, this entire process will ensure a clean backlink profile which is crucial for recovering or preventing future Google penalties.

  • The Google penalty recovery team at Star SEO Services will help you identify the dodgy links and handle the link removal campaign too. Removing these search engine penalties isn’t an easy, but we assure you of smooth transition.

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